How A Prepaid Card Works

Qualifying for a credit card can be a nightmare sometimes. In order to get a credit card with low interest rates and few fees you need to have established good credit; and that can take years to do. In today’s world a credit card is more convenient and almost necessary. If you’ve had problems qualifying […]

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Establishing Credit In High School

As their student enters those years of high school many parents are wondering if they should help their teenage son or daughter establish credit. This can pose a major dilemma as parents are often wondering about the maturity of their teenager but want to instill in them a sense of financial responsibility. In addition to […]

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Student Loan Debt

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Is There A Right Way To Establish Credit?

In the world of finances finding the right information about credit can be overwhelming. Everyday there is a new offer about the perfect credit card or loan and you may be wondering if while you trying to establish your credit if there is a right way to go about it. While there may not be […]

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Credit Scores, How They Are Calculated And How To Get Yours Higher

What is a credit score? Some people have heard of credit scores, but they don’t really know what they are or how they are calculated. Your credit score is a number that helps lenders and others predict how likely you are to make your credit payments on time. Each score is based on the information […]

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Benefits Of Establishing Credit

With all of the apparent hassle that seems to come with establishing credit it may lead you to wonder if it is really worthwhile to spend your time and energy pursuing it. The answer to this is a resounding-Yes! Without credit in today’s financial world you will be severely limited on the purchases and decisions […]

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