The Tech Twist on Christmas Games For All The Family

With Christmas less than a week away and the season of the family all coming together, is there a place for video games at such occasions? We often see Nintendo adverts highlighting children and grandparents all playing together and the Nintendo Wii was the perfect console for having fun and playing together. Now that the […]

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Thanksgiving at Age Six

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When children are little, the holidays all seem to run together somehow. Looking back, I was a pretty scrawny kid at six and my older brother was two-years larger than me. We lived with our parents in an 8-foot by 45-foot trailer in Daytona Beach, Florida, two blocks from the ocean. Dad worked in the […]

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Daddy, Me and the Secret Easter Bunny Nest

Holidays are very important events for children, they are HUGE. Thinking about Easter coming in March this year, I remembered being about five or six and how my family celebrated the holiday in Daytona, Florida. My dad told my older brother and me that in order for the Easter Bunny to find us and bring […]

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Crafty Easter Baskets For Your Chocolates For Less

Easter is an important celebration in the Christian world and as such they follow different customs to celebrate this special time of the year. For kids, though, they look forward to celebrating Easter because of the sweet treats and gifts in store for them. Easter egg hunting and exchanging Easter gift baskets are only some […]

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5 Ways to Make Baby’s First Christmas Truly Amazing

Baby’s first Christmas is one of those moments that you look forward to as a parent. This is an amazing milestone so you want to savor every single moment. If you go in with realistic expectations and plan for the occasion then it will make it that much more enjoyable. Baby’s first Christmas, like so […]

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How To Keep The “Thanks” And The “Giving” In Thanksgiving This Holiday Season

I got home a little after 7 pm this Halloween. I’m usually home later than that thanks to my 2 hour commute. But that day I rushed to get home so that my 8 year-old’s Halloween wouldn’t be ruined by the unexpected snow storm that had led to school (and in some places Trick Or […]

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