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Using Halloween Candy in Math Projects

While for children and adults alike the highlight of Halloween just may be the candy you may be surprised to learn that there is a practical side to the candy gathering as well. If you are a parent trying to help your child develop better math skills or a teacher who would like to focus […]

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Outdoor Games for Small Groups (2-4 people)

Outdoor games are great. If you have ever played a great game of football in the warm summer sun you know exactly what I mean. There is nothing better than being outside with your friends and enjoying a wonderful afternoon while exercising. It is good for the mind and the soul as well as the […]

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Most Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While mothers are all the same in that they love their children, and tend to sacrifice a lot for them, it can still be difficult to find a Mother’s Day gift because all mothers vary. The following are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for several different mommy molds: The mom who loves home decorating: If […]

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A Healing Sense of Humor

Kids are just great. While they are certainly kind of mischievous, kids can have such a great sense of humor. They love to laugh and play more than adults. They seem to be able to see the funny side of life while the rest of us are crying. Perhaps you have had a child come […]

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Books to Gift to Children in Different Age Groups (Infographic)

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Source: Nanny’s and Granny’s.

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Need to Know: Coming Up with A Summer Reading List

Having a child read all summer long is a great way for them to pass the time, as well as to help prepare them for the year of school to come. Of course, coming up with an appropriate, and exciting summer reading list can be a real challenge. The following are some resources to look […]

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