September 2014

Easy Parenting Part I

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Honestly, some of those parenting methods need a PhD to explain how it is supposed to work! A new member to the Parents Anonymous Online Groups once asked me to give her a list of Dos and DON’Ts so she could learn all there was to know about being a good parent. *sigh* She was […]

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A Mother’s Words

A blog about attachment parenting, home schooling and general life.

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7 Strategies Toward a Decided Heart

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“A dream is not just a wish your heart makes. It is the hope that God places inside your heart to believe in what may seem impossible to accomplish, but in fact is completely obtainable.” – Shonna Stallworth And so began Matthew’s personal journey to find his life. Only 3 shortish long months into his […]

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Sweet Potato Pie You Gotta Try

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As a North Carolinian, sweet potatoes are kind of my (our) thing—we’re the #1 sweet potato producing state in the country, and we’re proud of it.We also know how to make the perfect sweet potato pie. When I was growing up, I never ate sweet potatoes. I never understood that a potato could be a […]

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Weather Changes Affect Children’s Behavior

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Fall weather can be unpredictable and changes in weather can alter children’s behavior. When my girls were school-aged, the topic of weather and our children’s behavior came up in my Parents Anonymous group. The facilitator said, “Any time there is a weather change you can expect the kids’ behavior to change.” Several teachers and daycare […]

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Social Media Poster: “Respect for Others”

Ranting is not something I regularly engage in but… As many of you know, I volunteer for Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, a leader in the prevention of child abuse. If you have read many of my posts you will also know that I struggle with anger/rage issues. For me, the commitment to non-violence parenting […]

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