November 2013

What Is The Worst That Could Happen?

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“Oh no, if I don’t wake up in time I will be late!” When I had something important to do I would often lay awake at night thinking about how awful it would be if I were late. I had everything ready for tomorrow: Clothes, shoes, paperwork, keys, coins for tolls and other items. Then […]

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Trust the Group

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Parents second-guess many decisions made when their children were young but we all did the best we could. Last night I saw a scary movie meant for children and immediately my thoughts went to Chelsey and Katie. When scary movies became too frightening for Katie she would run hide in the bathroom and peek out […]

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Lucy and Ricky’s World No More

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“I cannot believe they allow that on television; what’s the world coming to!” When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, Ricky and Lucy Ricardo were required to sleep in twin beds and to keep one foot on the floor on “I Love Lucy.” When we watched TV and a kissing scene came on there were […]

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Appreciate Children’s Efforts

Instructions are important, especially to children doing a chore for the first time. When I was about six years old we lived in Daytona Beach, Florida. Sand was everywhere; on our floors, in our shoes and in our beds. I took it on my own to sweep up the sand now and then. The first […]

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PMS and Changing Consequences

Are you a pushover parent? Are you putty in your child’s manipulating hands? Changing your mind is quite different from caving in to wailing pleas from a child. In the beginning of my career as a Parents Anonymous parent I thought once I gave a decision that it was written in stone and that to […]

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Stay-At-Home Guilt

Are you a working parent or a stay-at-home parent? Over the years Mr. Ramirez and I have revisited my being a stay-at-home mom and whether or not it was a good idea. Yesterday we rehashed those reasons again with a new perspective since both girls are grown and I wanted to share those thoughts with […]

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