August 2012

When The Bully is a Parent

August 11, 2012

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | August 16, 2012 People tell me my ‘southern’ comes out when I’m mad but some time back I could’ve spit nails in Walmart over the stupidest thing. We were shopping for back-to-school supplies and passed between the electronics and clothing just in time to see a very large man loudly […]

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Ways to Simply Love Your Children: Bonding Made Easy

August 6, 2012

My two children are grown but from time to time I see footprints of days gone by. Games we played, conversations, silly things I did, small things from when they were itty bitty spontaneously come up from time to time. Many of the things that you do in play, places you go, stories you tell […]

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