October 2010

Do Thumb-Sucking and Pacifiers Ruin Kids’ Teeth?

October 30, 2010

Since both of my boys sucked their thumbs, I’ve been aware of the effects of thumb-sucking and pacifier use on the development of children’s teeth. When we first started taking our children to a dentist, the staff reinforced the importance of my boys transitioning out of this habit for the good of their teeth. Why […]

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How to Screen a Nanny

October 25, 2010

Choosing a nanny or au pair for your children is a process that should be organized and performed carefully, to ensure you find someone who can be trusted, will contribute significantly to the development of your child and integrate well into your family. The step-by-step process described below will help you make an informed decision […]

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Managing Family Care

October 24, 2010

Taking care of your family is an immense responsibility. When that responsibility involves providing care for both children, and elderly parents, it becomes infinitely more challenging. The unique demands placed on caregivers in these situations often begin to wear on their energy and patience, seriously affecting their quality of life. And when an elderly parent […]

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Internet Safety for Children

October 17, 2010

Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet?  How can you insure your Child’s Safety while surfing the net?  How do I get my child off the computer at bedtime?  If these aren’t questions you are asking yourself then maybe you should be. You may be asking yourself right now, “Where do […]

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How to Encourage Creativity in Children

October 14, 2010

Many artists relish the act of making art because it is reminiscent of the creative freedom they had as children, when they were unburdened by artistic “rules” or the opinions of others. Children are naturally creative, eager to explore the world around them and express what they discover in their own unique way. Over time, […]

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Kids & Allowance

October 13, 2010

Many kids expect compensation for the work they do around the house. A weekly allowance was always a part of our Saturdays growing up in my parents home and the more I helped out, the more money I made. Now that I have my own kids, I have learned that there are a few different […]

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