August 2009

Stimulate the Three-Year Old Mind

August 30, 2009

To stimulate your three-year old’s mind you are going to need to buy them the right kind of toys, but you are also going to need to play along with them. Choosing the right kind of toys for your three-year old is important for their development because children often learn through play. You don’t have […]

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Let’s Play Together: Your One-Year Old

August 29, 2009

Once your baby has hit twelve months the possibilities can be endless to what you can do with them. Twelve-month old babies are a bundle of joy to have around because they are simply delighted by everything around them. Twelve-month old babies are always ready to explore new things, but they are also always ready […]

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Nine Month Milestones

August 28, 2009

By the time your baby reaches nine-months old, there are certain milestones that they are going to have met in their physical development, but also in their mental and emotional development. The biggest changes that you are going to see in your nine-month old are their physical development, although their mental and emotional development is […]

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Development of a Ten-Month Old by Degrees

August 27, 2009

The one thing that is important to remember more than anything is that milestones are not going to be met by every baby at the same time. Milestones are simply the average age of when a baby is going to be able to do something; some children can do it sooner, others will develop it […]

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Let’s Pretend! Your Two-Year Old’s Imagination

August 24, 2009

Many parents may not realize how important a child’s imagination is, even at two-years old. Parents need to work on developing it, along with their two-year old’s physical and intellectual development. Your two-year old’s imagination helps him develop in many different areas. If you allow your child to play imaginary games, they are going to […]

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