10 Ways to Enjoy Being A Mom


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1. Take time for you.

You can enjoy being a mom by enjoying being a person. You can take time for you by doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Finding happiness outside of being a mom, and taking a break from being mom all of the time can help you enjoy life more.

2. Get organized.

If you want to enjoy being mom, be organized. Have a basic schedule that you follow, including wake and sleep times, and some of the basic activities you do each day. If you are more organized, being able to enjoy motherhood is easier. Your home, your kids, etc. will just flow better.

3. Have some help.

Enjoy being a mom by having help on occasion. This means get a sitter once in a while. This means let Grandma help out. This means let Dad help out. Whatever it takes, let people help you. You do not have to do it all. You can carpool to school, or whatever.

4. Do not try to do it all.

Enjoying being a mom is impossible if you take on too much. The stress of trying to do it all leaves you with little energy or time to enjoy your children. So, order pizza if you do not get to dinner. Let your kids wear dirty socks if you have not gotten to the laundry.

5. Play with your kids.

To enjoy being a mom you have to enjoy your children. So, play with them. Spend time playing and having fun with your children. You can play games. You can play at a park. You can have tickle torture sessions, or play video games. Do not always parent, have fun too.

6. Plan activities.

Part of enjoying being mom entails doing activities together. Plan activities that both you and your children will enjoy. You do not have to watch Barney, instead watch something you may enjoy as well. You do not have to go to a wiggles concert, maybe you will enjoy the zoo more.

7. Get some sleep.

If you want to enjoy being a mom you have to go at it with your best self. This means that you should be well rested. When you are tired, the chances of you being ornery and unhappy are far higher. So, do not stay up all night, and if you need to, take a nap with your kids during the day.

8. Practice good parenting.

Be a good parent and you will enjoy it more. You have to be consistent. You have to set some rules. You have to make sure your children feel loved, safe, and happy.

9. Eat with your kids.

Enjoy being a mom by eating meals with your children. Eating with your kids allows you to talk to them, learn about them, and enjoy having discussions with them. When you eat with your kids you have a fun time learning about them, and they about you.

10. Be creative.

Enjoy being a mom by creating activities, parties, and times when you are going to be together with your children that are memorable. This means doing stuff that is not the norm. Your kids will enjoy themselves, and you will enjoy motherhood more when you have fun, creative activities planned. Make cookies. Decorate cupcakes. Go bird watching.

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