Three Reasons Moms are Addicted to the Internet


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The Internet is not just for kids, or those in school who are doing research papers. The Internet is not just for businesses, or advertising, the Internet is also for moms, and moms are addicted. Moms love the Internet. Moms all over the place are addicted to the Internet, getting on it every day and spending hours of their free time online. So, why are moms addicted to the Internet?

1. Facebook.

Facebook is one of the leading reasons moms are addicted to the Internet. At least sites like it are. Moms love that they can go out into the world wide web and socialize while at home. Their kids can be taking naps, and they can’t leave home, but they can go online and see how their friends on the other side of the country are doing. They can browse through pictures of the guy they dated in high school, or send out invites to their daughter’s third birthday party. Facebook and other social networking sites are very appealing to the mom population. It allows them to have a bit of a social life while they are stuck at home raising children, cleaning house, and being mom.

The social side of the Internet offers a great appeal to moms, especially sites that allow them to rekindle old friendships, and share updates, photos, and statistics about their own life with lots of people at once.

2. Easier shopping

Moms are busy people, and often tasks like grocery shopping, or even fun things like clothing shopping are dreaded because of the fact that they are moms. This means loading the kids up into the car. Keeping them well behaved and not asking for stuff as you shop. And getting home before nap time, football practice, or whatever other demand their is on your time. Waiting in checkout lines with screaming kids, traversing the dressing room with a curious child, or just dealing with traffic can be excruciating for a mom. Hence the reason the Internet offers such a great appeal. You can buy anything online these days, from music to tickets, to cars, to clothes. You can even order pizza for dinner, or your groceries to be delivered fresh to your door. With the convenience and advantage the Internet offers for shopping, it is no wonder that the people primarily responsible for stocking the cupboards, and clothing the family have found the Internet to be so appealing.

3. Sharing.

The other wonderful appeal that makes the Internet such an addicting thing for moms is the convenience it provides for sharing. It used to be that families lived close by one another making sharing photos, etc. easy. Now people live all over the world, and the Internet, through blogs, personal websites, and other tools like email and instant messenger, has made it possible to share quickly and easily.

Another reason moms love the Internet is because it allows them to be a mom and work. They can have a website, sell stuff, provide an online based service, etc, all while being mom too.

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