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Can adults still play games? Aren’t we too serious to be outside horsing around? It is a common myth that adults don’t like to have fun or play games. Movies and books have us thinking that being an adult is a purely serious sort of thing. The more we believe this lie the more it seems to come true. However, there are lots of adults who simply refuse to get old and calm down. We know that a very serious part of life is taking time to have fun and spend time with our friends. This type of recreation is a healthy and necessary part of life for anyone, men, women, and children. Of the various types of games, outdoor games are some of the best. We probably all have great memories of some sort of baseball or soccer game with our friends on a sunny day. Those were the times. Because some of our most important memories, both as children and as adults, come from when we were playing an outdoor game, it is important to regularly participate in outdoor games. But which outdoor games are best for adults? Surely they are somewhat different than the ones children play. Here are a few great outdoor games for adults that you should consider playing soon:

Try Tug of War at your next outdoor game day.Try Tug of War at your next outdoor game day.

Any kind of game that involves a ball, such as baseball, soccer, football, or handball. These sorts of games are generally fairly intense and keep all of the players moving continuously. These games are intense and competitive. They can be violent and difficult for small children.

One great game for adults is Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate is usually not so violent as football or soccer. It is a fantastic team sport and really gets you exercising and moving. On a warm summer day there is nothing like a great game of ultimate with your friends. Another great thing about this game is that it only requires one piece of equipment–the Frisbee.

There are some other interesting options for outdoor games for adults that you might not have thought of. Have you considered holding a treasure hunt? Are treasure hunts only for kids? A group of adults could have a perfectly fun treasure hunt. Maybe the prize could be something that would be interesting to adults.

Another common outdoor game for adults is the sack race. If you have never been in a sack race you need to try as soon as possible. All you need to do is split up the group into two. In each group you will form pairs. Each pair puts a leg into a sack or each get into a single sack and tries to run a certain distance. The most teams that get to the finish line first are the winners. Always be careful with this sort of game as people might fall.

One of my favorite outdoor games for adults is the tug-of-war. This is an excellent game because adults are relatively strong. They like to show off how strong they are. All you need for a good tug of war is a strong rope. Divide the group into two teams and have each team on either end of the rope. Whoever pulls the other team over a certain point is the winner. This can be a great game when played in the mud or water.

When you play outdoor games with events make sure that everyone is safe. Plan according to the individuals you will be playing the game with. Good luck in all of your outdoor games!

Jenna Regis July 29, 2009 at 11:25 am

Great post about games for adults and summer fun!
Thought you’d get a kick out of the latest Kim & Jason video featuring water balloon warfare:
Water Balloon Warfare
~Jenna 🙂
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