Why You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol


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Many people decide to just let the school handle the important talks. It is a huge mistake. Children are often influenced by friends and people on television instead of the people who are supposed to be teaching them. You are the person who is supposed to handle all the important talks in your child’s life. The school is there to reinforce them not to be the only thing they hear. There are several reasons why you need to talk to your kids about alcohol. Here are some of them.

First off, security. Children and teens feel more secure and safe when they have rules. You need to set rules for them and tell them what you think about alcohol. When they have rules about alcohol, they will know that their parents love and care about them. Children may still get curious about it, but they will at least know that they have been taught about it and know what you think about it.

Children need to be taught about sex so they understand it and the same applies to alcohol. They need to be taught about the dangers of it and what happens when you drink alcohol. If you think that your child won’t know what alcohol is until you tell them you are seriously and dangerously wrong. Children know what alcohol is from the time they watch television or see a billboard. They also hear about it from friends or they see it at the grocery store. Just avoiding it isn’t going to make it go away for your child but it will make your child more interested. They will be more inclined to try it and discover what the thing mommy is trying to cover up is. It’s like trying to find a sister’s diary. They will want it even more.

Children don’t understand about how dangerous things can be. They know that it can be dangerous, but they will think that they are invincible and that what they do couldn’t possibly hurt them. You have to tell them how dangerous even trying it once can be. The younger they start trying things, they more likely they are to become addicted to it.

You need to teach your children how you feel about alcohol. They need to know what the laws are for your country and also what the rules are at home. They need to have the guidelines and ethics set up from the time they are really able to understand things, which is probably earlier than you think. Start young and slowly teach them more and more about alcohol and how you think about it.

Talk to your children about alcohol. You will seriously regret it if you don’t. Children will not understand or know the dangers about it. Yes they are taught about it in school, but children don’t always pay attention in school or think that their teacher is just telling them things because they have to so they don’t really believe her or think she’s weird so they ignore it completely. You are the parent and you need to be responsible for the things your child is taught. Make sure that you have a talk about alcohol with all of your children.

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David Eugene November 1, 2008 at 9:13 am

Great Article. I 2nd this motion completely. Don’t just preach at your kids, talk to them. Education is the key to good decision making.
Note to parents: Set a good example.


Sheila Joyce Gibbs November 1, 2008 at 5:28 pm

Ohhh, and never a truer word was spoken !!
My dear Mom & Dad didn’t have much time to spend with me, as Mom worked full time & Dad fought a rarely heard of heart decease in early 1960’s. But I did learn the importance of finding a good job immediately after finishing school & excelling in it.
Problem though was my first Bk Branch Manager was pleased with my performance, but took me aside & his words will never leave my head, “If you want to succeed in this Banking Business, there’s 3 things you need to learn. 1) smoke 2) drink beer 3) drink coffee black.” So I did, & yes, I was very successful, until after 30 yrs, I was hit with permanent severe Grand Mal Seizures, with no cure. I’m sure you know why. This is only one of the horrific problems that stem from alcohol. As a recovering al-cie, now 18+mos., I’ve been trying to spread the warning, only to find many others out there, with the same affliction or some with near complete deafness, some blindness, some near rotted livers, some with severe heart conditions/attacks. All having no cure’s and all from alcohol only.
I certainly don’t have the answer, but, many of us here in BC CDN., have been trying to convince our Gov’t Officials for much needed Health Warning Labels on all liquor containers. At least if our youth are warned of the danger, it will help.
Otherwise, this scourge of society, at the rate its going, well, I just cannot see a good future for our kids.


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