Dealing with Issues Specific to Teenage Boys

by on July 25, 2008

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When you are a parent of a teenager there are many issues you must deal with. There are also many issues to deal with that are more specific to teenage boys then to teenage girls. If you are a parent to a teenage boy you may be need some advice on how to deal with issues that are specific to teenage boys. Boys behave differently than girls and boys will have their own specific problems during puberty.

One of the issues that is specific to teenage boys is aggression because of the extra flow of testosterone that is circulating throughout their bodies. The extra surge of the testosterone hormone can have boys feeling more aggression and some may start acting on that aggression. Let your boys know that it is okay to feel the aggression but it is not okay to act on it. Try to find other ways of dealing with the aggression that will help your teenage boy. You could look at getting them into sports that will give them an outlet for the aggression. Looking for other activities that can help edge out the aggression is a good idea in dealing with these teenage issues.

Another issue that may be specific to teenage boys is that they many teenage boys have a noticeable voice change. This can become very embarrassing for you teenage son while in school or in public. Let your teenage son know that this is normal for all boys around his age. Even if his other friends are not having a voice change at this time, they will in the future or may have already gone through it. Your teenage son should know that it is normal to be embarrassed by these changes but he should not allow it to change who he is or what he likes to do. He will live through these changes like every other man in the world has.

Dealing with issues specific to teenage boys will also include the issue of involuntary erections. If your son is going through puberty, chances are he already has experienced at least one involuntary erection. If your son has talked to you or asked your advice on this matter that is great. Having an open discussion with your teenage son about why these involuntary erections happen and what they can do to fix it is a great way to deal with this issue. If your teenage son has not brought this issue up to you yet you can also deal with the issue by giving them books that help explain the many things that are going on with their bodies. Follow this up with a discussion to explain better or to answer any questions your teenage son may have. Don’t be surprised if they don’t say much at first, but keep trying.

Besides the many issues that are common with going through puberty, your teenage son can also have other issues to deal with. Some of these issues will deal with girls. Chances are he is becoming interested in them and is not sure how to start asking them out. Once again, having an open discussion with your teenage son about this issue is the best way to deal with it. Let them know to be honest and upfront with girls. He should always treat them with respect and listen to them. His buddies will most likely tease him about liking girls but he should always be true to himself and any of the girls he dates.

There are many issues specific to teenage boys and many ways in dealing with those issues. No boy is the same and so finding the perfect answer for dealing with teenage issues may include a mixture of many different things. Keep the lines of communication open with your teenage son, and that will help you in dealing with many issues that will come up during the teenage years.

patty January 7, 2009 at 10:01 am

my son is 16 and we have recently movrd from michigan to idaho.
my son has always struggled in school, but now it seems worse. his lying is getting worse, and i confront him about it and he acts like i’m the bad person. he tells me that he is more and more not liking his step-father, and i constantly feel like i’m in the middle. i am at my wits end, i don’t know what to do. i think he needs counseling, but i’m not sure that he would go.
i need help

Dad4Life September 7, 2009 at 2:04 pm

I want to thank you for allowing me to enter comments on your site. I have found that there are not very many sites that are dedicated to helping parents to deal with teenage boys. Like everything else in life, I have discovered throughout the years that there are too many issues that are rarely addressed in public with respect to all the problems that we deal day in and out raising our kids. I for one need help. Since I have been having such a difficult time finding what I really need from the professionals, I have turned my efforts towards other parents with similar situations. For this I have created a personal blog ( in which I share with many friends and family members all of what is going on in my relationship with my two teenage boys. Please feel free to come on in and read some of my stories and leave me comments, advice, and all wisdom is welcome.
Thank you, Dad.

Ernie February 15, 2011 at 9:21 am

Teenage girls and boys all go through this struggling phase in their lives in which their parents also share the same sentiments regarding how to reach out to them. Although this is a fact, I personally agree that teen boys are more difficult to deal with because of the extra aggression that they put in.
I think it’s really important for a young man to have that male mentor that he can rely on with manly issues. It may be a close uncle, grandfather, an older male cousin or friend, or even a family friend whom he can open up to.
We’ve been teens before, so we already know that it was the most awkward parts of our lives. It’s just the same with our kids, so as much as possible, it’s best to understand what they’re going through and support them when they need it.

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