What is Helicopter Parenting?


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Have you been told you are a helicopter parent? And are you wondering what helicopter parenting is? Helicopter parenting is a way of parenting that some like and some do not like. Helicopter parenting has been defined as closely hovering over your children. Helicopter parenting has also been thought of as a way to help children to see and adhere to boundaries. Then there is the helicopter parenting idea that it is a way to have a better relationship with your children.

To begin with, helicopter parenting is what happens when parents hover or watch over their children and intervene in everything the children do. Helicopter parenting is when parents are involved with college administrators and the job application process. Parents want to have a certain amount of control over their children and the lives they choose to lead.

Helicopter parenting has been interpreted as parents that want to have their investment in their child’s college education protected. This is why they keep close contact and tell their children to wait on this job or that one. Helicopter parents will want to be involved in the negotiations in job salary as well as benefits and perks. Helicopter parents want their children to have the best and will help them to achieve it even if the parents have to do all the work themselves.

Most of the time helicopter parenting is with children who are in their twenties. But the truth is that even thought right now helicopter parenting is being done by parents that have college-aged children, it will eventually become common among elementary students as well.

There are some that will say helicopter parenting is what happens when parents set boundaries and guidelines for their children and expect their children to live by the guidelines. Setting guidelines and boundaries for children may not be helicopter parenting. But when a parent hovers like a Black Hawk helicopter over the child to make sure the child never crosses the set boundaries, that would be classified as helicopter parenting.

Helicopter parenting is possibly having too many boundaries that children must follow, and not allowing children the freedom to figure out what it is in life they would like to accomplish themselves. Boundaries are a necessity when raising children, but forcing a child to follow all the boundaries even when they no longer are in the parents’ house would be what helicopter parenting is. The parents are being the helicopter hovering over the children to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Helicopter parenting is when the parents hover closely over the child or children, even if they are not needed. Many have contributed helicopter parenting to the wide use of cell phones. Cutting the apron strings is impossible with cell phones.

With the use of cell phones it is easier for parents to keep tabs on their children. Many parents see this as a way to form good bonding relationships with their children. The helicopter parenting is when the cell phone calls happen many times daily. Some helicopter parents will want to be on the cell phone with their children during job interviews. Helicopter parenting is what happens when parents spend their lives controlling their children’s lives. Wanting a better relationship with your children is different than wanting to be on a cell phone call during your child’s date.

Whatever way a parent decided to parent, it is typically the best parenting style for them in their situation. Helicopter parenting is a way to parent the children parents have been entrusted with. It may be good in some ways and bad in other ways, but so is every type of parenting. So what is helicopter parenting? It is watching over your children and setting boundaries that you want them to follow while trying to form a good relationship. Like anything, helicopter parenting can be taken to extremes and too much of anything can be bad.

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