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You care so much about your bundle of joy and you want the best for them. You want to give them the best life and the most opportunities. That starts with choosing the right parenting style for your child.

Take a good look into each of the parenting styles: authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved. Get all of the information you need about each one to make an informed decision.

Both parents should discuss their feelings about each and both should stay open minded. Talk about the parenting styles your parents used when each of you were growing up. This will influence your decision because some people think that their parents did a great job and they want to model their style and others feel that their parents could have done a better job.

Next take a look at your new baby’s temperament. Some temperaments fit better into styles better than others. You should be able to tell what is best for your baby’s temperament, after all no one knows them better than you. As you look deeper into the specific styles you will begin to notice what will make a good fit.

When you have made a decision for your baby, you need to remember to be flexible. There will be times in the future when you will need to reevaluate your parenting style to fit your child. Only few parents have a child that works best sticking with the same style of parenting for their whole lives.

As the child grows you will need to look at the situation. When there are big changes in a child’s life then there are likely to be some changes necessary in parenting. If something traumatic happens or the family moves or even the birth of a new baby, parenting styles need to be discussed again and altered to suite your child.

With your child’s growth there will be many things that make a difference in your parenting. As they age there will be times when your parenting style would do better with a tune up. As they age your attitudes and feelings will change too, this gives you a chance to make sure that the parenting style is still working for you. Make sure that your child is getting all they can out of their childhood.

You may notice as your child grows that they may have some developmental challenges, which may be caused by many different circumstances. This will make a difference in your parenting as well. Make sure that the boundaries you set are good for their challenges, not too much or too little. Together with your child’s doctor you will find what the best is for them.

Maturity will make a difference in your parenting style as well. As a child matures there will be periods of great maturity and others where they are immature for their age. As these changes take place make sure that you are adjusting with them. Find a parenting style that allows them to enhance the maturity they have or to gain the maturity they need.

As you make your choices, and there will be many times throughout the life of your child, don’t forget that you are trying to make your child as successful as you can. Your parenting style will be a mixture of more than one style, you aren’t confined to making decisions within one area.

Weigh the facts of each style carefully against your child’s personality and make the decision that is best for your family. Then be willing to change as time passes. Don’t limit your thinking, it will limit your child’s potential.

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