Fun Ways to Teach Your Children to Use the Phone


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Knowing how to use the phone is something all children should learn when they are old enough to do so. This is important for a number of reasons—in the event of an emergency, the child should be able to call for help or dial 911, and he or she should also be able to pick up the phone and answer it when you are unavailable to do so.

Learning how to use the phone can be a difficult concept for some children to grasp. Your child should be able to identify numbers when learning how to use the phone, so he or she can dial it. Most kids can learn how to use the phone between the ages of three and five.

The following are some fun ways to teach your children to use the phone in a variety of different capacities:

Learning how to dial numbers

First of all, it is important that kids know never to dial 911 unless it is an emergency. Many false alarms are called into 911 centers each day, wasting time and resources, so make sure your kids know the phone is not a toy and calling 911 is a serious thing.

You can teach your child how to dial numbers by giving him or her a phone of his “own.

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