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When a child starts high school, as a parent, you should be actively talking to your child about college. Regularly discuss all of the choices that they need to make to put themselves in a good position so that it helps them decide which college experience is right for them. Getting good grades is something that requires your child to work hard and to care about the classes they are taking. What a great way to learn a work ethic and prepare them for the rigorous hours spent studying in college. Parents should be models of what their children want to become, or at least emulate an attitude of scholastic spirit. Many parents, maybe even you, have not attended college yourselves, but want more for your children so that they can have more than what was available to you. There is something noble in this way of thinking and can actually inspire your child to work hard to go to college. Either way, tips for parents to help a child choose the right college for themselves will include mental and social considerations.

There are kids who graduate from high school with fire in their bellies and intensity in their eyes. These kids want to go out and experience life to the fullest. They usually are the ones who win the scholarships and positions in the most prestigious four-year universities. If you are blessed with a child who has this sort of drive, then God bless you. Most parents need to do a little coaching and maybe even a little coaxing to get their child in a serious mind set about their educational future. Choosing a college needs to be a choice that considers all parts of your child’s current state and abilities that they have. If your child is a bit timid but has the ability to be something great, then by all means, send them off to the big school. This will help them get over many of the fears that we have during high school. Those fears retreat as a student finds joy in personal growth and working for themselves in an educational environment. College is a great place for students to mentally build themselves a future and then go forward and immediately start seeing that picture paint itself out in their achievements. This gratifying opportunity should be explained to them over and over again so that they can become inspired and excited to go out and participate in a college program.

Despite all of the opportunities and perks from attending a college, some students are not yet mature enough to handle the college way of life. The immaturity can manifest itself in a number of ways. For example, the number of colleges that have students who dedicate most of their time to partying and pitifully wasting themselves away is a proof to the simple fact that many kids really are not ready to go to college and seriously work hard at achieving their goals. Many times, parents know if their child is this kind of a student and can help make choices that will counteract these tendencies. For example, many parents who have troubled teens who have become involved in bad things in high school are put through boot camp type programs to help shape them up. Many times, these programs have post educational opportunities that include the military.

Parents should help their children make educational choices for their post high school careers that will best serve your child’s needs and ambitions. Doing this will greatly affect your own life and the life of your child in the years to come.

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College Planning November 1, 2010 at 11:03 am

Very good article here. We always advise our students to INCLUDE THEIR PARENTS in their college decision. You’d be surprised how many students done’t have a conversation about it prior to applying.


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