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This is an article about the effects of peer pressure and what you can do to make them less for your teen. There are many negative peer pressures out there. They are the ones that cause life-changing patterns and experiences.

These are some effects of peer pressure and what they do to your teen.

1.Shoplifting- this negative peer pressure is one that will cause your teen to not only break the law, but also have a possible juvenile record. Shoplifting is often times something that becomes an addiction for the thrill of not getting caught. So the behavior is often times continued through to adulthood, which is a crime that is punishable by a jail sentence and adult criminal record.

2.Drinking- this negative peer pressure is one of the most common for teens. This is because teens see drinking as a way to get away from the real world. The stresses they are under are less overwhelming when they are drunk. Drinking is a very addictive behavior that not only affects the person drinking, but also the people they are around. Drinking is a major cause of teen accidents, violence and loss of interest in activities. Drinking also has several negative health effects. These are liver damage and failure, incoherent behaviors, mental and emotional damage, just to name a few.

3.Smoking- this is also a very widespread peer pressure. The effects of smoking are a life-long habit that is very damaging to health and pocket book alike. It also smells horrible. However, this is one of the main ways a teen starts to feel like they are becoming an adult. They do not realize that the effects they are taking on with each cigarette are much more than just seeming more like an adult. Many adults do not smoke. In fact it is proven by statistics that most adults are quitting smoking every day.

4.Drugs- this is another widely used vice started by peer pressure. Drugs are so alluring to teens because they feel it helps them relax. There are several different options of drugs that have different effects both short term and long term. There is pot that relaxes you and makes you gain weight from munchies. There are harsher drugs like cocaine, crystal meth etc. that make you think and act more excited. However these drugs have very bad effects on your body. For example: loss of teeth, bone weakness, and loss of body and brain functions. These drugs can also cause hair loss or discoloration, bad breath, and wrinkles. Overall, each of these drugs affect thinking, and much more.

5.Sex- more teens are pressured into sex by other teens that have already had the experience. This is usually because those teens do not want to be the only ones that have done it. However, early sex usually causes some sort of emotional damage for many teens. Therefore it is a good idea to explain abstinence and why it is important. Also, it is a good idea to explain the statistics of disease due to sex.

With all the stress a teen has, if they are not equipped to deal with stress, it makes them more likely to find an alternative type of stress relief. This is why they choose these types of habits to pick up with their friends. It is not only to be cool, or adult, but they feel it is necessary.

Therefore, in order to protect your teen from these types of effects of peer pressure, you need to equip them with positive self-esteem, unconditional love and acceptance, and knowledge.

Start with positive self esteem. If a teen has the ability to make good decisions and has self-esteem, they will be less likely to search out for relief from negative influences.

Unconditional love keeps your teen secure in the fact that no matter how well, or poorly, they do on a math test, you will still love them. Therefore, their stress level is less, and they are less likely to look elsewhere for love, acceptance and relief.

Knowledge. Making your teen aware of the negative effects of peer pressure and what they can do to stay away from them will empower them to make the right decisions. This is the strongest tool you have.

Teens want to make their own decisions. If they have the right information to make the decision and the self-confidence and love to back it up, the will more than likely make the best choices.

These are the effects of peer pressure and what you can do to make them less on your teen.

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