What Are First Born Personality Traits?

by on March 10, 2011

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First born personality traits tend to be things like extreme confidence, high achiever, driven, self assured, confident, and more. First born children are providing their family with many first experiences, and as a result, they are showered with love and attention. They are usually the focus and center of their parent’s life, and as a result, they grow up with a lot of natural self-confidence.

The personality traits of a first born are usually very distinctive, and lead to success. Almost every one of the Presidents of the US were first born children or first born sons in their families. George W. Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey are all first-born children. So what personality traits do they exhibit that make them such successes?

Confidence is the biggest one, as they have received so much attention in his or her life that it is far easier to believe in themselves and their worth.

Born leadership is the next quality. They are in fact, born the leader of their family, and are often the ones in charge in other activities. They are used to being relied on. They babysat at home, or were asked to take on bigger responsibilities because they are the oldest, etc. This leads to further development of leadership skills.

Determination is next. They have probably felt this pressure from their family, and others who have relied on them for some time, and as a result, they are good at finishing projects, and being self-motivated, as they know people count on them.

Organization is another part, they are usually good at finding things, and even if they appear messy and unorganized they likely have a system. This again goes back to being the oldest and the one the family relies on to find things when they are missing, etc.

Other traits include being eager to please, as they are used to having the approval of others, specifically their mom and ad, and so they continue to seek approval from everyone around them. They will do what it takes to get a job done, and are usually the first to volunteer for service, etc. as what people think of them really matters to them.

They are not one to pick a fight, or let people know when they need help. First born children are used to the limelight, and because of that, they want to keep up the image that they are perfect. As a result, they will often keep their problems hidden, in order to maintain this image. This can mean dealing with these problems on their own.

Children who are the oldest feel the pressure of expectations from parents riding on their shoulders. They know that they are expected to fulfill all of their parent’s dreams. However, as a result they are often the most responsible and successful people in the family. There is a trade off.

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