Personality Traits of the Middle Child

by on March 10, 2011

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Being the middle child is usually not very easy. It comes with some stigma. When it comes to middle children, they typically take on one of two personality types. Their personalities are usually more polarized. The following is a look at some of the traits of a middle child’s personality.

The first type of personality a middle born child may have is that of a loner. They are used to the first born and last born getting the attention, and so they become a bit of a loner. They are often shy because they have learned to let those who desperately seek the spotlight have it. They often become impatient quickly simply because they expect to be the last one to get what they want or need. Many middle children end up being rather uptight adults.

The middle child will have her own set of traits.The middle child will have her own set of traits.

On the other hand, middle children may end up with almost opposite personality traits to those listed above. They may be very outgoing because they have to be to get attention. They may be extra friendly because they are used to being surrounded by people. They are often loud, and have fairly laid back personalities.

Usually a middle child will end up with an almost opposite personality to that of their siblings. Of course, not every middle child will have these characteristics, but research shows that birth order can affect personality type.

Most middle children have the following personality traits:
They are fairly flexible. They have grown up needing to be flexible.
The tend to be diplomatic. Most middle children have a lot of practice at being diplomatic. They are usually in some sort of struggle with their siblings, which helps them learn the skills of diplomacy.

They are often rebellious. The middle child tends to be overlooked by the parents. No matter how hard parents try, they usually end up giving less attention to the middle child. The first child had time with just their parents without any child, and is used to that. The last child will typically get time with just their parents once everyone else moves out. The middle child usually has to share the attention. This means that they often act out in order to get noticed.
They tend to be attention seeking. This goes back to the same reasons as before. They are used to being the one who is overlooked somehow, so they often seek attention, often in negative ways.
They are usually competitive. Being a middle child typically requires fighting for the spotlight, etc. They typically have to share things like vehicles, wear handed down clothes, etc. This often results in the fostering of a competitive nature.
They are also often peacemakers. Middle children are typically peacemakers by nature. They have to be because they have someone on either side of them.

Middle children need lots of reassurance that they are important the first and last child. Some ways to avoid the negative aspects of a middle child personality is just insuring they are confident and secure in your love for them.

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