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Flowers are a traditional part of the Valentine’s Day holiday, but sometimes they are not appropriate for the holiday. All flowers have meaning, it may be in their color, or in the variety. The following is a look at what flowers are great for Valentine’s Day, as they have meanings that are appropriate for the holiday of love.

Roses are the most typical flower used for Valentine’s Day, so let’s take a look at the meanings of the various colors of roses, and how best to use them to send messages on Valentine’s Day.

Red roses-
Roses, of the red variety are an obvious and great choice for Valentine’s Day as their meaning is one of love, romance, and a symbol for beauty, courage and respect, all of which can go along really well with the holiday. However, just because red roses are a great choice for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean that all roses are, and doesn’t make them the best choice.

White roses-
A white rose may be a more appropriate choice for Valentine’s Day, as it symbolizes true love, and is used as the symbol for purity, which can be translated as a pure love, or a love without blemish. However, it can also be the symbol for innocence, which means that it might be a good flower for the secret admirer to send on Valentine’s Day, speak of a secret love.

Pink roses-
There are many different shades of pink roses, and the different shades have different meanings, all of which can work well for Valentine’s Day in the right setting. For example, a deep pink shows gratitude, which can be used to express gratitude for the person and the love you have for them. Light pink shows happiness, fun etc., which can be used to say that the person makes you happy.

A combination of red and white roses is a deep message of everlasting, and true love. A combination of pink speaks more of the beginnings of love, or the flirtations and appreciation of a person, but maybe not the deeper affection that is love.

So what about other flowers?

Carnations make good Valentine’s Day flowers as they mean that person they are given to is holder of your heart, and that you are giving them a gesture of trust, in other words, entrusting them to not break your heart.

Tulips can mean perfect love, red tulips especially, but you can enhance the meaning of the perfect love with the colors of tulips you include, for example, yellow tulips mean cheer, happiness, sunshine, and thus when given for Valentine’s Day convey the message of love, and the person bringing joy into your life.

Daisies are a gesture of good cheer, but not necessarily, love, making them a great flower for a friend for the holiday, but not necessary for a lover.

The following are some great Valentine’s Day flowers and what they mean:

  • Pink Zinnia- lasting affection
  • Red Tulip- declaration of love
  • Sunflowers- Homage and devotion
  • Blue Salvia- “I think of you”
  • Yellow or Orange roses- Passionate thoughts
  • Pink or white roses- I love you still and always will
  • Peach roses- Let’s get together
  • Primrose- I can’t live without you
  • Gioxinia- Love at first sight
  • Pink Gillyflower- bonds of affection
  • Gardenia- I love you in secret
  • Forget me not- Faithful love
  • Daisy- Loyal love
  • Red Chrysanthemum- I love you
  • Chrysanthemum- You are a wonderful friend
  • White Carnation- Pure love
  • White Camellia- You’re adorable
  • Aster- Symbol of love
  • Arbutus- Thee only do I love
  • Ambrosia- Your love is reciprocated
  • Apricot Blossom- Timid love
  • Acacia- Platonic love or concealed love

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