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If you have a toddler gift to buy, a toy is the perfect solution. Toys are fun for the child, and can stimulate the senses and help them with their development and growth. However, with such a wide selection of toddler toys available, how can you know which are the best gifts to get? The following is a look at some toddler toy gift ideas with explanation of why they make such great gifts:

For the princess:

It seems like everyone knows at least one toddler who wants to be a princess. A great toy gift for the princess toddler in your life is The Disney Princess Cinderella Musical Megabloks. It is a mouthful, but it is also a cute gift that will provide hours of fun. These blocks are musical which stimulate hearing, and help your child develop their hearing senses. They can be stacked to build a castle and comes complete with Cinderella and Prince Charming. This toy set will help them develop motor skills, and will spur their creativity as they act out different scenes from their favorite Disney princess movies.

For the boys:

Tonka Chuck My Talking Truck is a great gift for the toddler boy who is all boy. This is a truck that can move and talk, but that is also a “smart” toy. This talking truck will come when it is called, has a movable bed, a sturdy, yet soft exterior, and is brightly colored to attract the toddler’s attention. It will help teach the toddler cause and effect, and will interest your child as it rolls forward when called, has sounds that it makes when you press the roof or the bumper. It will provide hours of fun and interactive play. However, the bed of this dump truck is small, so the child will not have much luck using it to actually move items around.

For the child with a ton of imagination:

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress by Fisher Price is a great toy for the child whose imagination is always going wild thinking of mystical, magical, and mythical things. This is a toy that will keep the toddler entertained all day, as it has hidden booby taps, light, sound, a dragon, moving gates and parts, etc. there are levers, action figures, and more. It will inspire role play, mock battles, saving of princesses, taming of dragons, and more. It is a great toy for keeping the imagination alive and thriving.

These are just a few of the top toddler toy gift ideas. Consider the child you buy for, and the personal interests and capabilities of that child, then look for a toy design to stimulate the senses and help with development, but that will also be tons of fun for the toddler to play with, use, and show to their friends and family.

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