What Are Teens Doing Online?

February 23, 2014
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With the rise of technology and the advance of social media, parenting teenagers has gotten a lot more complicated. Not only do parents need to keep tabs on where their child is and who they are with physically, they now need to monitor where they go online. Teenagers who are longing for the freedom and […]

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Mobile Apps and Websites That Can Teach Your Kids About Saving

February 2, 2014
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Prices of goods increase all the time, which can weaken our purchasing power as parents. It is extremely important that we teach our children one essential habit: to set aside money for savings even at an early age. I’ve often asked myself what would be the best way how, and considering that saving isn’t exactly […]

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What Your Teen Is Doing on Social Media – The Parents’ Guide (Link to PDF)

December 9, 2013

Source: Liahona Academy.

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The Parental Control Dilemma: Visible vs. Stealth Software

October 4, 2013

Being a parent is never easy, but with the advent of Internet, the job has become even tougher. Now, parents do not only have to worry about keeping their kids safe in the real world, but they also have to worry about their safety in the vast virtual world, which has exposed the newer generation […]

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Social Media and Photos of Our Children

October 3, 2013

New horror film: Woman was never able to find gainful employment – her parents posted her baby photos on Facebook! In the past three or four years I have come to know many new and older parents, relatives and acquaintances, who post the most adorable pictures of their children on Facebook. No matter the age […]

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4 Effective Tips for an Engaging Family Gaming Experience

September 23, 2013

Based on a study, parents who spend more time with their children by playing games create stronger family ties. It reveals that it improves emotional well-being and, at times, encourage the family to stay physically fit. If you are thinking of implementing “Project Family Playtime” in your household, here are some effective advices to […]

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