Have a Little Faith

April 10, 2014
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“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have faith.” –Paulo Coelho, Brida We tend to free associate faith as being synonymous with God or religion but what about faith as an entity or power within ourselves? What is faith, really? Faith […]

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How Can Nurses Help You Quit Smoking?

March 17, 2014
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Do you know that there is no such thing as a safe cigarette or a safe level of smoking? Many smokers deceive themselves into thinking that smoking less won’t harm them. However, the best bet remains the same – it is to quit smoking ASAP. You must have heard countless times that smoking is bad […]

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9 Ways to Boost Self-worth and Dump Loneliness

March 13, 2014
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Psst….over here. I want to tell you something…… I see you. I see you standing there by yourself in a room full of people yet you seem so far away but I see you…. You have people in your life that love you with full hearts but you feel empty. You have great work colleagues […]

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Jolly K.’s Courageous Contribution

March 4, 2014

Who is Jolly K. and why does she matter? Born in the late 1940s, Jolly K. was placed in the first foster care home as a young child. From there she would continue to endure physical and sexual abuse until she ran away for the last time as a teenager. To support herself, she began […]

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Validation Is A Valuable Gift – If You Get It

February 25, 2014
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If your children were magically put in charge of you, how would they treat you? Many years ago I attended a workshop at the Parents Anonymous conference and, as always, I was ready to have fun. I met parents and facilitators from other groups across New Jersey and learned more about parenting and myself. The […]

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Quick & Delicious Weeknight Black Bean Tacos

February 24, 2014
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Recently tacos have been my go-to meal; When prepared at home with fresh vegetables, beans, and rice, you have a delicious feast packed with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. What better way to end a day? They’re quick and easy to make, too, and this recipe, which omits any meat filling, is just […]

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